Many times we live our lives on a spiritual roller coaster, feeling close to God one minute and distant the next. Staying plugged into weekly Christ-centered activities will help you maintain a close relationship. Maybe you don’t understand what this whole “relationship with God” is all about. Our weekly activities will provide you with opportunities to ask the hard questions and get real answers.
What the youth say . . .
“Coming to Wednesday Night Worship helps me understand the Bible and apply it to my life. Sunday school is fun too, we get to be in small groups.
Mary, 10th grade
These trips, whether local or distant, provide you with a time to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, get acquainted with other youth, and to have a blast!
What the youth say . . .
 “I had a great time at Centrifuge. There were a lot of fun activities to participate in. It was a great time to meet new people from other places and get to know the youth group better. I had fun cutting loose and having fun with my friends, and the worship experience was awesome!”
Carol, 12th grade
A chance to live out your faith in the real world. An
excellent way to grow in your relationship with Christ while ministering to others in the mission field.
What the youth say . . .
“A  great way to grow more with Christ and learn new things about yourself. I could see God all around us. 
Brian, 12th grade 

Wednesday Night Worship
6:30—7:45 PM in the Youth House
Saturday Night Youth Gathering
6:00-7:00 PM in the Youth House
Sunday School
9:45-10:45am in the Education Bldg.