Job Posting: Associate Pastor of Youth, Children, & Families

Associate Pastor of Youth, Children, & Families Search

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Below is the job description for the Associate Pastor of Youth, Children, & Families at JHBC. The successful candidate will have oversight over all youth, children, and family activities and programs within the church but the primary hands-on responsibility will be the development of a purposeful and vibrant youth program aimed at impacting not only the current youth at JHBC but also reaching out to the community to provide inclusion for all not matter of race or ethnicity.

Job Description--Associate Pastor of Youth, Children, & Families

Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church

Summary of Position

The Associate Pastor of Youth, Children, & Families shall:

  • in cooperation with the Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor of Music, Children’s Ministry Team, Youth Ministry Team, Nursery Committee, and Family Ministry Team be responsible for coordinating the development, planning, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of a Bible based intergenerational family ministry with emphasis on youth and children.
  • serve as an ex-officio member of the Children and Youth Ministry teams, Nursery Committee, Family Life Ministry Team, Nominating Committee and Christian Education Leadership Council.
  • work under the general supervision of the Senior Pastor with the support and guidance of the Personnel Committee.
  • be evaluated annually by the Senior Pastor and the Personnel Committee with consultation and consideration from the Children and Youth Ministry teams, Nursery Committee, and the Family Ministry Team.

General Duties

  • Provide a written monthly report of all ministry activities to the Senior Pastor.
  • Participate in worship planning, hospital visitation, and other pastoral duties as appropriate.
  • Ensure annual budget requirements of appropriate committees and teams are prepared and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Recruit, equip, and develop leaders for the children, youth, and family ministries.
  • In cooperation with the ministry staff, plan and execute Vacation Bible School for adults.
  • Be supportive of appropriate and applicable Sandy Creek Baptist Association sponsored children, youth, and family ministry programs and activities.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Youth Ministry

  • In coordination with the Youth Ministry Team, Develop, implement, and lead an effective youth program to include fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, discipleship, and evangelism, as well as ministry and mission opportunities.
  • Coordinate and lead mission trips, annual Youth Sunday activities, and other current and/or newly developed activities such as Discipleship Now.
  • Oversee youth Sunday School (in coordination with appropriate SS Director), and plan and lead youth worship activities, traditionally on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.
  • Support the youth of the church by attending appropriate school activities and sporting events.

Children’s Ministry

  • Provide oversight for Children’s Ministry and Nursery Committee including AWANA, children’s Sunday School (in coordination with appropriate SS Director), Vacation Bible School, and other current and/or newly developed activities such as Extended Session I and II, Hallelujah Harvest, Summer Camp, and Parent’s Night Out.

College & Young Career

  • Organize fellowship activities and other events and activities.

Family Ministry

  • Provide oversight of Family Ministry.
  • Work with the other staff members and the various ministry teams to ensure that there are opportunities for all generations to worship, learn, serve, and recreate together.
  • Work to create an environment within the church that minimizes generational gaps.

Equipping & Encouraging Parents

  • Encourage and equip parents to become an integral part of the spiritual growth of their children in their home life.
  • Coach and counsel parents and children/youth privately on specific issues within their family.


  • Honor and keep commitments.
  • Participate in ongoing professional growth and development to support job requirements.
  • In coordination with the Senior Pastor, maintain appropriate church office hours.


  • Be accessible and approachable
  • Maintain open communication with other staff members, appropriate committees and teams, and the congregation.
  • Report on program status and activities at business meetings as appropriate.
  • Maintain a cooperative, pleasant, positive, and enthusiastic attitude.


Both at work and away from work, the Associate Pastor of Youth, Children, & Families is expected to:

  • conduct himself/herself in a manner that reflects Christian values and is pleasing in the sight of God
  • lead by example and strive to be a positive role model within the church and the community, and especially to the children and youth within his/her ministry.

Discipleship and Mission

  • Be both a disciple of Christ and a maker of disciples.
  • Strive to win the lost to Christ.

Once again, thank you for looking around our website and reviewing the job description for our staff vacancy. If you haven’t already done so, you may send your resume with cover letter to