Job Posting: Church Pianist

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Job Description - Pianist


The Church Pianist shall be a committed Christian who provides accompaniment for scheduled worship services and other activities in support of the music ministry of JHBC. Having a pivotal role in the musical life of the church, this individual must be a strong team player.


  • Maintain active participation in Sunday morning worship services, Worship Choir rehearsal, and Worship Band rehearsal
  • Be available for special services and seasonal presentations
  • Assist other choirs, ensembles, and soloists as needed
  • Come to rehearsals and services on time and prepared to play all scheduled music
  • Play for weddings and funerals as requested and as availability allows. Compensation for these services shall be in accordance with JHBC Policy and Procedures Manual.


  • Flexibility to play in a blended style worship service that includes traditional hymns, anthems, and contemporary worship music 
  • Excellent piano skills to accompany choir and provide periodic piano solos
  • Ability to play by chord charts is preferred
  • Proficient use of keyboard is preferred
  • Experience as a rehearsal accompanist
  • Ability to sight-read and improvise is desired
  • Ability to use web-based planning system for scheduling and distribution of worship service resources
  • Pleasant and interactive personality

Statement of Understanding

  • The Church Pianist should possess a strong Christian testimony with a personal theology in line with that of JHBC
  • It is the understanding of Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church that the JHBC Pianist may have a primary job which may impact or limit their ability to fulfill every expectation of this job description at all times. If this occurs, at least a 2-week notice is expected to be provided to the Associate Pastor of Music. If an emergency situation arises, notification should take place as quickly as possible.

Salary and Benefits

  • Compensation will be consistent with education, experience, and skill level. The position is salaried and paid once a month.
  • The pianist is allowed a maximum of four Sundays and four mid-week rehearsals off annually unless there are severe or extenuating circumstances. The Associate Pastor of Music is the approval authority for all time off requests. All requests should be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the requested time off.


  • An annual performance review will be conducted by the Personnel Committee with input from the Associate Pastor of Music and Senior Pastor.