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We're glad you are here! Our congregation is made up of people from different cultural, economic and religious backgrounds that have joined together to be on mission to embody the presence of Christ to Sanford and the world. Some have been on this journey of faith for many years while others are new on their journey. All find a home in our church with opportunities to grow spiritually, to be in fellowship with one another, and to serve.

We invite you to join us in person for worship on Sundays at 11:00 AM, watch our live webcast or listen to our live broadcast on 105.5 FM (WFJA) in Sanford. If you've recently been our guest, we would love your feedback about your experience. Please take a moment to fill out our guest survey.



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COVID Response and Starting Point Jan 30th, 9:45AM in McDowell Fellowship Hall

Hi JHBC. You may know that the COVID statistics in Lee County have risen sharply over the last few weeks. In early November and early December, we were averaging 5-7 new cases a day. But over the last few days it has risen from 90 last week, then 130 this week and today 169 new cases per day, for the last seven days. That’s more than twice as high as it has ever been!

Monday night the deacons met, and we had a lengthy and thoughtful discussion about how to respond. We considered many options and weighed the advantages and disadvantages to each. But in the end, we just want to ask you to wear your masks properly while at church, and spread out while in the sanctuary. This isn’t a mandate, or a requirement but a heartfelt plea; for your health and the health of your church family – please wear your mask, properly, while at church and spread out.

Even as we wear our masks, some may not feel comfortable with coming in person – so please join us online or the radio. Some may have health reasons for not wearing a mask – so thankfully there are distance options for you as well. Hopefully the Omicron variant will dissipate as quickly as it has escalated in the next few weeks, as it has in other countries, and we can return to a more normal and relaxed posture.

We will get through this TOGETHER! God bless, Cal



Upcoming Events

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